caerina is a filipina-canadian illustrator, designer and animator.

my work reflects my affinity for hip hop culture, movement and street life. over the years, i’ve collaborated with various clients, bringing their visions to life through bold and vibrant illustrations.

for inquiries/collaborations:

pabst blue ribbon
city of toronto
ubisoft toronto
melting pot collective
ecw press
boombox barbershop
pop coffee works
pin boy fresh
unity charity
breaking canada
parks n’ wreck
rethink canada
the steps initiative
epic leadership
heart of riverdale
creator jacket
ptrn slct


“I wanted to work with an artist from the city that was really a part of the Hip Hop community in Toronto. I came across Caerina’s Instagram page and I really liked her style. Simple, effective and very Hip-Hop on top of that she participates in the break dance community in Toronto so she is really about the culture.

She is a professional. Her communication and timing was perfect.”

Jermaine Clarke
Founder of PTRN SLCT